Resilient NJ Northeastern New Jersey

In collaboration with Irys, the Resilient Northeastern NJ Project Team is excited to announce the launch of the Irys App – a tool to help facilitate two-way engagement as we move forward with the development of an action plan to address flooding. New Jersey is one of the first places the app will be available, and we are excited to launch the tool with the community. Please be aware that, as with any new technology, the app is being continually refined and updated. As we identify any issues, they will be addressed through future updates.

Using the Irys App, you will be able to:

Provide Input: Provide feedback throughout the development of the Resilient Northeastern NJ action plan. Users can choose from providing input by location, providing input by category, and responding to survey questions.

Follow Events: Find opportunities to participate in future Resilient Northeastern NJ events!

Receive Project Updates: Track project progress and view information about project developments.

Build Community: Follow your feed! View community input and interact with other app users.

The Irys App is available for download now on iOS and Android devices.

Download link for iOS devices

Download link for Android devices

For Help with the app, please contact the Irys team at: