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If you live or work in Jersey City, Newark, Hoboken, or Bayonne, you are the most important stakeholder.

You have most likely already been impacted by flooding in some way and the long-term effects of Resilient Northeastern New Jersey will affect your community. Your input is vitally important to support development of an effective roadmap for flood reduction that will also improve daily quality of life.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This project has the potential to impact thousands of people in underserved communities for generations to come. Therefore, incorporating the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion into project processes and outcomes is critical to the success of Resilient Northeastern NJ.

  • Embraces variety and differences in the people who participate in project processes, whether by their experiences, race, culture, age, language, or other characteristics


  • Goes beyond equality, which is fair and just treatment of all potential and existing community members
  • Means ensuring that decision-making processes and project outcomes, including burdens and benefits, are responsive to the diverse needs, challenges, and histories of people who could be affected
  • Involves creation of opportunities to address historic, current, and future disadvantages for underrepresented populations


  • Is achieved when a diverse group of people feel and are welcomed into decision-making and project processes


  • Ensuring that project processes prioritize the voices of historically underserved communities
  • Acknowledging and confronting the country’s history of systemic racism and discrimination
  • Sustaining action and assessment of progress towards equitable resilience goals and towards the reduction of existing disparities


  • Reaching out to potential partner organizations to help lead engagement and get input from the people they serve
  • Providing multiple different ways to engage as easily as possible
  • Providing ways to get and receive information in multiple languages
  • Creating a Community Advisory Council made up of a diverse group of residents from each community



Many ways to participate

Below are some of the ways you can participate in the process. We will continue to expand these public involvement opportunities as we hear from you about what works for you and the people you know.

Download the App

We encourage you to download the Irys app on your mobile phone. This useful tool provides Program information, meeting schedules, and surveys and enables you to submit information about flood risks in your neighborhood.

Public meetings, partner meetings, and focus groups

During the visioning process, we are working with partners to reach people where they’re at through outreach at existing meetings and events. Check out our recent news page to stay up to date on our planned community meetings and what we’ve heard. Please visit this website, sign up for emails, download the Irys app, or follow social media for more opportunities to engage and participate as the project progresses.

Provide us feedback

Using the form below

Leave a voicemail

on our project hotline at


While we cannot respond to callers to our hotline, we encourage you to leave your comments and we will review and consider all input received.

Social media.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @ResilientNENJ

Sign up

to get project updates via email


And more…

Here are additional ways to connect with the project:

  • Become an engagement partner to help get the word out and share feedback you hear
  • Connect with the Community Advisory Council
  • Reach out to Steering Committee representatives from your city

Become an engagement partner

We are seeking partners to help us receive as much input from our community as possible. If you are an organization that works with people who live or work in Jersey City, Newark, Hoboken, or Bayonne and would like to be involved, please complete our partner interest form.

OUR ASK – Partner with us by:

  • Letting us know how we can plan and structure our outreach so the people you serve can most effectively engage with the project
  • Leveraging your existing meetings, contacts, social media, and other outreach mechanisms to share information about the project
  • Sharing the feedback and input you receive with the project team


Our outreach includes this interactive website, a mobile engagement platform, and a range of informational collateral and outreach tools. To help our partners support community engagement, we anticipate providing:

  • Black and white flyers for easy printing and circulation
  • A short project video
  • A slide deck that can be used as standalone meeting materials or as part of other meetings
  • FAQs and talking points
  • Links to surveys / places to enter feedback
  • Social media materials and guidance
  • Contacts for support

Together, we may discover other materials that could help maximize success!


Roughly each quarter, we will provide new information and tools for sharing, as well as get your initial input on materials shortly before the launch date.

Working together, we can help make a more resilient Northeastern New Jersey.

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The Community Advisory Council is a diverse group of community representatives from flood-prone areas in Jersey City, Newark, Hoboken, and Bayonne. The Council is facilitated by representatives of Ironbound Community Corporation and HOPES CAP, Inc. Council members meet quarterly and have the following responsibilities:

  • Share information about the project with their community
  • Review materials as needed
  • Ensure effectiveness of engagement of socially vulnerable and historically underserved populations
  • Ensure community priorities are clearly reflected in the planning process


The Steering Committee is made up of representatives from each of the Region Team entities that partnered together for the Resilient Northeastern NJ initiative. Below are the Steering Committee members for each Region Team entity:

  • Hudson County – Kevin Force, Francesca Giarratana
  • Jersey City – Kate Lawrence, Lindsey Sigmund, Carolina Ramos
  • Newark – Nathaly Agosto Filión, Robert Thomas, Juba Dowdell
  • Hoboken – Caleb Stratton, Jennifer Gonzalez, Yasmine Pessar
  • Bayonne – Suzanne Mack, Andrew Raichle
  • Ironbound Community Corporation – Drew Curtis, Maria Lopez-Nuñez
  • HOPES CAP, Inc. – Evelyn Mercado, Barbara Reyes

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Upcoming Meetings

 We are partnering with local organizations to conduct public meetings.
Information about upcoming meetings will be posted on this website, on social media, and in the Irys app.

There are no upcoming events at this time.